Aug 25, 2011

A Summer on the Road

This summer has been a weird combination of being eventful, but also being uneventful. At times I found myself struggling to stay active amidst job searching and adjusting to a temporary life at home. But at all other times I was probably in a car or van* exploring different parts of the country. Current estimations suggest that I have totaled over 6000 miles of travel in a car/van this summer!

Seeing many unique places in the mid-west**/east coast has helped me appreciate the idea of a home or a space that is special. Many of the people in the places I have visited have welcomed me with great hospitality and I am looking forward to offer my hospitality and space to those travelers who find themselves far from home.

Getting to travel has been great, but I long for a feeling of belonging in a place I can be a part of or call home, especially in this time of transition between college and the "real world". Having a loving community for four years has been great, but trying to find an identity in a new context has been challenging thus far! Many questions will be answered soon though and I hope to make the most of whatever new experience comes my way.

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Questions: What gives us a sense of belonging?
                    What places would you like to visit someday?

* A special shout-out to desert neighbor! They let me go on tour with them! It was a great experience and maybe I'll fill you in on some more details, but for now listen to their music!
**Sometimes I think 'mid-west' is a bad label, especially for states like Ohio and Indiana...It's more like 'mid-east'

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